1. knightbb's Avatar
    Why is it that all of the droid are or going to be updated with 2.2 the droid droid2 and now the brand crappy new droid pro. Are they for real? The pro is a beefed up blackberry. It looks like Verizon know that if they update the fascinate to 2.2 it would be over.. because we all know that the fascinate if the best phone on Verizon and that is the iphone buster!! the droids are cool but Motorola tends to water down the android OS.. Well that's what i think.. The OS 2.1 is holding the fascinate back and Verizon knows it. but when you want to upgrade to the fascinate the Verizon will bend the truth and tell you that the 2.1 will be updated Soon. the question is what is SOON?? is it a blackberry soon meaning 2-6 months or a real soon
    12-23-2010 10:05 AM