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    Anyone here if there is any movement on Samsung rolling out a fix for the messaging bug which has been around since 2.1 and of course worst from all reports in 2.2. There are a number of articles detailing it and the resolution apparently has be made available by Google.

    This is one area that iOS has a huge advantage. The ability to roll out updates for the family of IPhone regardless of vintage to correct bugs or functionality quite seemlessly.

    Android need some mechanism which allow patching of the OS without the current convoluted process and foot dragging of carrier involvement to provide it. We need this to keep the OS secure and solid for the millions of Android devices out there spanning many carriers and OEM's. Currently Android OS is also very insecure (from a hacking process and easily infected, certainly not suitable for secure data handling).

    If not already in the release the hardware and apps layer of the code need to be separated from the OS to allow updates to take place without affecting the carrier and phone specific hooks and functionality. Many phones don't have 2.2 and yet problems exist but how to patch when they holes are addressed for patching.
    01-21-2011 07:06 AM