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    Hey guys, I am a newbie to the android forums and read enough information to get into trouble but not know how to get out of it, as the saying goes. I recently rooted my samsung galaxy s phone. Followed the advice posted in the forums, and must say you guys devinately speak a diffrerent lanage when i try to understand some of these issues that you continue to assist and help us inadequately minded individuals such as myself....My hat goes off to all you guys in doing what you do....You are truly gifted.... Now the point to my question.....Since I rooted my phone, I added a few superuser apps but dont have anything that I know of continuing to run. GPS stays off, bluetooth stays off and i only turn the wifi on manually when I am near a network...... With all that said, my battery wont make 6-7 hrs even if I have not talked of text before it drained to less than 10% from fully charged. I am a physician and work 12 hr shifts at the hospital and rarely have time to use my phone but before I rooted it, it would stay charged at least all day and I would charge it at night. I need your guys advice cause I am way out of my programming language to know how to solve this problem.....Thanks for any replies
    05-22-2011 09:42 AM