1. gendo667's Avatar
    Woke up to this treat today. Gesture navigation with third party launchers! T-Mobile S10 gets One UI 2.5-screenshot_20201005-080045_nova-20launcher.jpegT-Mobile S10 gets One UI 2.5-screenshot_20201005-080111_settings.jpeg
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    10-05-2020 09:02 AM
  2. jtfwTX's Avatar
    Yup! Just beat me to posting the same. Downloading now as I type this! Finally!!
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    10-05-2020 09:21 AM
  3. MotorMike2020's Avatar
    Great to hear... please post if you find any issues !
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    10-05-2020 10:12 AM
  4. 1eyejack's Avatar
    Got it too. Also included the September 1 security patch.
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    10-05-2020 10:19 AM
  5. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    Glad you got it at last. It is a great update.
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    10-05-2020 11:23 AM
  6. Adam Frix's Avatar
    Got it. Galaxy Wearable is misbehaving.
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    10-05-2020 12:08 PM
  7. MotorMike2020's Avatar
    Got it. Galaxy Wearable is misbehaving.
    Galaxy wearable just had a recent update, check to see if there is one available for you.
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    10-05-2020 12:28 PM
  8. Adam Frix's Avatar
    Apparently I'm on the newest.

    My Watch has been misbehaving lately--won't reconnect with the phone after they've disconnected due to distance. That runs the Watch battery down RIGHT NOW. There was something going on inside Bluetooth.

    And today, after the update I noticed that half the Wearable app was grayed out.

    I finally decided to wipe the cache partition on my phone. That *seems* to have made a positive difference. The jury is still out on the battery life.
    10-05-2020 06:34 PM
  9. mustang7757's Avatar
    Have to check my s10+ it's been awhile since I use it .
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    10-05-2020 07:05 PM
  10. werkx's Avatar
    Just got mine this morning. The Edge Apps panel changed. Has option to show 4 recent apps at top, but certain apps are no longer available to add to the Edge Apps. I had Instagram previously but it's not available now.
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    10-06-2020 11:48 AM
  11. Jimmy Le1's Avatar
    Nothing for my S10e Tmobile
    Factory unlocked yet .. ?
    10-06-2020 11:55 AM
  12. MotorMike2020's Avatar
    No update yet either. S10 unlocked on T Mobile.
    10-06-2020 12:11 PM
  13. MotorMike2020's Avatar
    Still nothing on T Mobile, unlocked S10. Anybody else still waiting for this "update" that has now been released for nearly a month now?
    10-19-2020 12:09 PM
  14. Jimmy Le1's Avatar
    Just got it this morning
    S10e Factory unlocked
    With Tmobile..
    So far so good ..
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    10-23-2020 04:40 PM

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