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  1. Antimatter_27's Avatar
    So I had an issue over the weekend where I wasn't receiving any notifications on my Samsung S10 plus. I was researching like crazy, restarted my phone, checked through each and every setting. Then I came across a thread about posting your daily unlocks available in the Digital Wellbeing app.

    I noticed that I had received 92000+ (that's right.. Ninety two thousand) notifications today (Monday 08 April). I scrolled to the previous day and saw I had received 220000+ notifications on Sunday, and 119000+ notifications on Saturday. These notifications were from WhatsApp(85%) and Gravity Screen(15%) only.

    I don't know if this somehow caused the notification system to go bonkers. I have never seen anything like this. Has anyone else experience this?

    See screenshots attached below.
    Attached Thumbnails Insane amount of notifications in the Digital Wellbeing app-screenshot_20190408-142646_digital-wellbeing.jpg   Insane amount of notifications in the Digital Wellbeing app-screenshot_20190408-142752_digital-wellbeing.jpg   Insane amount of notifications in the Digital Wellbeing app-screenshot_20190408-144535_digital-wellbeing.jpg  
    04-08-2019 12:11 AM
  2. Antimatter_27's Avatar
    I obviously did not see these notifications on my screen. Just wanted to point that out. My phone wifi and data is turned of at night, and bulk of the notifications seem to be at night.
    04-08-2019 12:14 AM
  3. imex99's Avatar
    I've never paid attention to that setting before but before I received my replacement phone, it seems my s10+ was doing the same thing.

    I tried power save, optimization and couldn't get it fixed.

    Luckily when my phone was replaced by Sprint for losing lte and dropping calls, I don't have that issue anymore with missed notifications so far.

    When I setup my phone I just did a basic Samsung restore and setup everything else again. My guess is the Google or Samsung switch restore messed up.

    Good luck and let us know what you do or what happens.
    04-08-2019 03:54 AM
  4. Antimatter_27's Avatar
    Yeah, I did a Smart Switch restore from my Note 8. This hasn't happened since I had the phone from 7th March. The spike in notifications only started from Saturday 6th April (I remember there being a Samsung firmware update). I can't be sure if the update caused this. I reinstalled Whatsapp and Gravity Screen, turned off Adaptive Battery and Battery Optimisation settings. The notification count for Whatsapp has been stable for the last 6+ hours (no random spikes). Gravity screen, however, spiked to 10k notifications in 4 hours after reinstall which was weird. I have uninstalled that app for now.

    I will perform a hard reset on the weekend and update this thread. Thanks!
    04-08-2019 05:04 AM

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