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    I know that this should belong into the accessory category, but so many people were having trouble I thought more people would read it here and get a solution.

    Man sometime's people on YouTube are so awesome.

    So I researched around on why the Samsung Earbuds were so soft/quiet. Downloaded some equalizers to boost the sound. A little helpful but still not as loud as I wanted them to. See when I wear earbuds I don't want to hear other people/things in the background.

    So I searched on YouTube just like I did on searching how to make the FPS better and it did make it better. Down below is how to make the earbuds loud, and they can go as loud as and earbud or even more. If you have media sync on turn it off or it won't work.

    Likes are always appreciated.

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    04-08-2019 06:20 PM

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