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    I must admit From past 5 to 6 years, smartphone tech has evolved at such high pace that forced me to buy each new iteration of Samsung and apple . And probably wasted 10's thousands dollars on these purchases and I never stayed at one phone more than 6 months at best even i exchanged these phones every month.

    I was deeply integrated into apple eco system from past 4 years too . Purchased Macbook air, pro apple watch 2,3,4 iPad mini.ipad air.. every iphone after one another.. only to realise that..every thing I do on these super expensive things ..can be easily done at half the price..

    So I gradually shifted from apple to multi platform devices.. bought an hp envy slim book at 700 dollars that provides 10 hour battery and serving me from last year. And now I have sold my iPhone xsmax as well and bought galaxy s10 plus..( exynos variant is available here at 720 usd brand new) so I have saved few hundred dollars as well)

    Using it since 2 weeks and not missing apple eco system anymore . Not to mention that no one use face time and iMessages in my country.

    Here are the few things of galaxy s10 plus that spoiled me and are not available on iPhones.
    1) dark mode: it just beautiful .I scheduled it from sunset to sunrise and it looks dope on dynamic Amoled

    2) battery ( to me it's easily 15 to 20 percent better than iPhone 10s max)

    3) not feeling restricted by the brand ( though I don't customize alot but I love to change themed wallpapers time to time ... download anything from browser , easily available call recording apps )

    4) multi window is pretty useful sometimes

    5) this device is now my iPad iPhone 2 in one solution on the go

    Sorry for the long post
    05-24-2019 03:19 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    In general, for me I realized that a while ago. While not spending as much as you did, I realized that I was starting down a slippery slope, and called a stop. It's easy to get caught up in the need to have the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to a phone.
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    05-24-2019 09:03 AM

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