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    When I bought my S10+ and paired it the first time by bluetooth I was pleasantly surprised to hear my incoming calls were all using the phone assigned ringtones rather than the car's built in, annoying ringtone it uses for every caller.

    However, after my last phone update 2 things changed. Firstly, every time I received a call in the car it would announce the caller's name (beyond annoying). Secondly, it no longer used the phone's assigned ringtones anymore and reverted back to the car's.

    Fortunately I fixed the first problem very quickly. But I have yet to find a way to revert the ringtones back to the phone assigned ones. My car uses Ford Sync 3 btw. I also went into my phone's connection settings and made sure "ringtone sync" was enabled. Oddly, it changed nothing for me.

    Any other suggestions?

    EDIT: Learned some people had this problem as a result of using Android Auto. Funny enough, I installed it recently. But when I lost my ringtones in the car I had suspicion it was Android Auto's fault so I removed it and made sure "Ringtone Sync" was enabled again. Sadly, it didn't fix it for me.
    07-11-2019 09:37 AM

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