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    The amFilm Ultra Glass screen protector is advertised to work fully with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. Simply re-scan your fingerprint AFTER application (turn on the touch sensitivity, if needed).

    This review will not be as in-depth because I feel the amFilm Ultra Glass version is pretty close to the Whitestone Dome, in regards to how it is installed along with the provided installation accessories and instructions. For in-depth review of the Dome, check out @Mike Dee's great review of the Whitestone Dome here: https://forums.androidcentral.com/sa...-new-post.html

    I've used tempered glass screen protector on my previous devices for many years, so when I got the S10 recently, it was a no brainer. Unfortunately, not many proven glass screen protector that works with the fingerprint scanner (FPS). Even the lauded Whitestone Dome had reviews with hit-or-miss on the FPS. I chalked it up to the inconsistency with the installation from the reviewers.

    Anyway, I found the amFilm Ultra Glass screen protector through other reviewers and it's $10 cheaper than the Dome. Similar with the Dome, some had issues with the FPS but I went ahead and ordered. The installation was quite easy with the provided application tray and instructions, so the protector fit perfectly around the edges and the camera. (Don't forget to first remove the pre-installed protector. Haha)

    It fits nicely with my heavy duty case (X-Doria Defense). The glass looks and feels great, but tried as I might I could never get the FPS to work close to 100%, more like 80-90%. Yes, I removed previous fingerprint registrations and re-registered new ones with the touch sensitivity turned on. Multiple times. Still to no avail. Your mileage might vary though.

    Then the coup de gras, polarized sunglasses. Sunglasses is a necessity here in this region, and I wear polarized exclusively. No, no, it's not because the screen is darker (which I was willing to accept from my previous experience), but it had a very distinct darker shade that floats as I view from different angles. That shade covers a third of the screen from top to bottom or side to side depending on portrait or landscape mode. Total deal breaker for me.

    The amFilm Ultra Glass screen protector is great. Slightly cheaper than the Whitestone Dome. The package comes with two protectors, all the installation accessories to make the installation a breeze and perfect. Fits nicely with a heavy duty case. But, the fingerprint sensor is hit-or-miss for me, and the deal breaker with using polarized sunglasses.

    The search continues.....
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    07-22-2019 12:04 PM
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    Nice honest write-up!
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    07-22-2019 01:38 PM

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