1. DallasXanadu's Avatar
    This isn't a S10 issue per se, but I didn't scroll through the 1,000 other forums to find a more appropriate one. I'm using the Outlook app, and other than the fact that the calendar app is integrated, I'm pretty happy with it. My problem is that even when I turn off notifications, I still get an immediate notification every time I get an email. I would prefer a manual option, or even a fetch once-per-hour option, but I haven't found where to set that. And given that I still get notifications even when it's turn off, I have little confidence that would work anyway. Am I doing something wrong?

    On a related note, what are some of the better options available? I might look around for separate VM and calendar apps, so I can get calendar notifications without email notifications.
    07-26-2019 03:25 PM
  2. BaritoneGuy's Avatar
    There is a setting inside the app for this. It is set on a per account basis.
    07-26-2019 03:37 PM
  3. DallasXanadu's Avatar
    Thanks! I even see that within the app I can turn off notifications for email while leaving them on for calendar. I'm surprised that I wasn't able to squash them through the Android notifications setting, but this is actually better. I'm a longtime Windows phone guy with a brief swim through the iPhone world. There are compromises with all of them, but I seem to be having an easier time resolving most of them with the Android OS.
    07-26-2019 03:46 PM

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