1. shaneontherocks's Avatar
    Just got the update and can confirm it has Night mode. Weird the change-log doesn't show it was included though. It did say bug fixes and June security update.

    I can also report once my phone installed the update, then typed in my PW and the screen went black for 5 seconds - was worried I would have the same issue as others experienced with this update for Verizon where users were completely locked out - but it went to my home-screen. Def was scared lol.

    So far don't notice any other changes. I will update this as I spend more time with this latest update.

    Software Version: G975USQU2ASG8

    Please post below if you notice any other changes with this latest Sprint Update - small or big!

    UPDATE: I noticed QR Scanner icon is now in my notification drawer - seems new and you can now scan QR codes to add contacts, go to web pages, add calendar events and more.
    07-29-2019 02:00 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Night mode, yes, but that's still not Night Sight. Night Sight (using the Visual Core chip found on Pixel 2s and 3s [but not 3as]) can take a picture in almost total darkness. (I tried it in a darkroom - all I got was an image of the camera sensor - but in almost total darkness outside, no moon, overcast so no starlight, I got a picture in full color. Dark, yes, but still a good picture, looking as if it was taken at night. [I couldn't see anything there with my eyes, just darkness, but the Visual Core chip, and the EIS and OIS, got a blur-free image that was as perfect as the same spot shot in sunlight the previous afternoon, just darker.] The picture is posted in the Pixel 2 images thread.)

    So good, yes, but everyone is still comparing their cameras to the Pixel 3 (and coming in at 2nd place, at best).

    As for the QR scanner, Barcode Scanner has been available for years (although it's been updated in February 2019), and does exactly the same thing - flat barcodes or QR codes.
    07-29-2019 05:26 PM
  3. shaneontherocks's Avatar
    I know the Pixel is better at taking low light photos. Pretty sure everyone knows that by now. I was simply letting people know that there is now an option for somewhat better pics at low light. Def not better than Pixel but wasn't comparing the two lol. QR has been available for years but again just letting people know it is now baked into the OS and now in your pull down notification slide. Thanks for the details though in terms of the differences between night sight on the pixel and night mode in the S10.

    If anyone else notices subtle changes throughout the OS with this latest update for Sprint, let us know in the comments! Like screen turning black and bricking your 1k cell phone!
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    07-29-2019 06:18 PM

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