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    In the area I live in, US Cellular is our only choice. It's also the only high speed internet we can get.

    Recently, I was inquiring about the data speed difference between Pre & Post Paid plans. The nice guy on the phone, ask me if I'd like a plan that is still Unlimited, doesn't throttle down after 22gb and will save me money. I said "sign me up!". Even though I told him, I used our phones for our son to stream Netflix and feed his laptop for school work, he failed to tell me hot spotting wasn't part of it any longer.

    But wait, there's more folks! They can fix me back up with Hot-Spot for another $10/month/line. But then, it's only good for 15gb and shuts off.

    Before, even when throttled down on post-22gb usage, streaming still worked fine. So it feels like he got me off my old plans that cant be switched back to, on purpose. I'm still fighting this, having a tier2 person pull the audio log, to show how many times I said I used the hot spot, and what I used it for, and that he issued no such warnings about needed upcharges.

    But in the meantime, what is a hot-spot app I can use to get around them? I had one a few years back, on a LG G3 that worked great! But I hadn't needed one in so long, I forgot about this method. Any help will be appreciated!

    PS: I kept a new LG G8 for 1 day. The data reception kept switching from 4G, to 3G, back to 4, then to 1, and sometimes none. Top it all off, it went "upside down" in its brain. The screen would no longer rotate, and the camera started taking pics upside down. As well as the cam settings were upside down. I traded it for a Galaxy S10 and have not looked back.
    09-12-2019 03:39 AM
  2. L0n3N1nja's Avatar
    I don't know of any current apps that still work as I have never needed one.

    You could open google play and look at your app library. Unless you deleted the previous apps from the list they will still show under library to easily find and reinstall.
    09-12-2019 05:09 AM

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