1. BaritoneGuy's Avatar
    I have an S10 bought from Samsung with unbranded firmware and just made the switch to T-Mobile with my work account. The plan includes Digits, Name ID plus all the bells and whistles.

    When this phone was on AT&T I couldn't get WiFi calling, VoLTE or HD voice, however the integrated visual voicemail worked without having to install their app.

    On TMO it is a little different. I appear to have WiFi calling, VoLTE and HD audio. However VVM and DIGITS, plus Name ID are not using the integrated versions which I understand work without having to actually install the apps as they have worked with Samsung to make them part of the TMO build.

    Can anyone confirm this for me, for even one of VVM, Digits or Name ID? I am contemplating flashing the TMO software onto the device, but would like to confirm before I do.

    The other thing I am wondering is with Name ID. Samsung has included Hiya call screening into the unbranded firmware which is kind of like TMO Name ID. Do the TMO devices have Hiya or is there nothing unless you install the app?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    09-13-2019 04:13 PM
  2. dtones39's Avatar
    I have the T-Mobile version and I had to install the apps for VVM and Name ID. I don't think they work without the apps but I guess I never tried, I always install these apps on my phones.
    09-14-2019 06:22 AM

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