1. priceless819's Avatar
    Good Day everyone.
    First of all, this latest update kicks rocks.
    Every time I open up my camera, I get this pop up and I click cancel and it still pops up. I have looked for the app in the phone and I can't find it to disable it.
    Also, when typing in apps, like Android Central, because it just happened, and Whatsapp, the apps randomly close on me as I am typing. Annoying is putting it mildly. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?
    And finally, some apps, like contacts now only appear with a light background instead of a dark background like I had with my Theme. I reapplied the theme to no avail.
    Thanks for any help.Turn Off Voice Control & Apps randomly closing S10+ Android 10-screenshot_20200210-150324_camera.jpeg
    02-11-2020 02:42 PM
  2. ABOSWORTH007's Avatar

    Check this thread out. There are a couple of options that will probably solve your issue.
    02-11-2020 04:41 PM
  3. priceless819's Avatar
    Thanks. This helped with the camera issue, and hopefully everything else.
    Let me delete the Holey app. Lol
    ABOSWORTH007 likes this.
    02-11-2020 06:21 PM
  4. ABOSWORTH007's Avatar
    Glad that helped
    02-11-2020 08:25 PM
  5. priceless819's Avatar
    I still have the other issue. The apps closing. I just set the theme to default and that solved the other problem.
    02-12-2020 07:44 PM

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