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    Hi so i had an s6 and had bookmarks in both normal and secret mode of my samsung internet app. I just got and s10e and wanted to move things over only through samsung cloud. Didn't want to do anything like smartswitch or any app that copies over data. It for the most part a fresh start. So i got the sync to work for normal mode. But in secret mode my bookmarks and saved pages won't sync over. I went into both phones into secret mode and on the same account i hit sync. But on my s6 every time i do it says "syncing" for a bit then it stops and gives me "sync with samsugn cloud". When i sync on my s10e after it says "syncing" it'll actually give me a timestamp of when it synced. i get the feeling my s6 isn't actually syncing/uploading my bookmarks in secret mode. help please
    07-21-2019 07:21 AM

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