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    I store photos taken on my S10e in the Gallery App. In the Gallery App, I have 10 folders to group my photos into categories (Dog, Family, Holiday 2019 etc.).
    I've recently backed up all my photos to Google Photos after my partner's phone black screened and he lost everything.
    However - it's only backed up the photos - not the folders.
    When I go to Albums in Google Photos, there is just "Camera" and "Whatsapp Images".
    I've tried going into the Gallery and Google Photo settings, I've tried selecting the folders to see if I can back up each one, but to no avail.
    Am I missing something? Or do I have to set up albums in Google Photos separately?! I was hoping to just be able to organise my photos in Gallery as and when I take the snaps, and then for it to auto-back up in the same categorisation.
    Any help would be much appreciated!!
    08-21-2019 04:25 AM
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    Hi, welcome to Android Forums

    I'd like to recommend creating a account so me or other members can assist you, as guest have limitations in replying here and if we need further Information to communicate with you.

    I'll provide a link to register, please come back to your post so we can further assist you . Thank you

    08-21-2019 08:29 AM
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    Your google photos would only back up photos not folders ,as it's not the default gallery but if you had sign in Samsung account and had it sync it would back up folders and photos in Samsung gallery app.
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    08-21-2019 08:31 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! I agree with mustang7757. Google Photos arranges albums differently than how you did it on the phone's internal storage. On Google Photos, the albums are virtual, and a single photo can be assigned to be in multiple albums if desired. If you want to duplicate the album structure on your phone, you'd have to manually re-create them in the Google Photos interface.
    08-21-2019 10:02 AM

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