1. Bruno Slivar's Avatar
    Hi friends.
    Today i received Poetic AFFINITY case and Poetic tempered glass. First i need to say that glass and case fits perfect together. Glass is full adhesive and it's made from superior 9H tempered glass that is scratch resistant and shatterproof protecting your screen from scratches to high impact drops. Oleophobic Anti-Fingerprint Coating keeps your screen free of fingerprints and oily smudges and is easy to clean. The touch response is great and I didn't need to increase the sensitivity on the device itself. Only problem that glass have is black edge that cover maybe 1mm on each side of the screen.
    Cases from Poetic is one of the best for me. Cheap but perfect. This honeycomb look is super cool. I have white s10e and it's look perfect. Buttons access and function are great. When you put phone on table you have some gap so you dont have worries (maybe 1mm). All cutouts are made very well and are easy to use.
    Poetic cases is on the top as usual
    I only wish there were more color options (citrus green is my favorite)
    This is my opinion and you can read some more on the links:
    You can buy this on poetic site, amazon, ebay,....
    08-27-2019 06:56 AM
  2. X1tymez's Avatar
    I'll try this brand out. Been using Nikki brand for awhile. Wish they have two.
    08-31-2019 03:24 PM
  3. Bruno Slivar's Avatar
    Stay tuned
    08-31-2019 03:26 PM

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