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    I didn't get the download automatically but went into settings to see if there was notification that I could download it.

    At first I lost the three icons at the bottom of the screen for showing all the open apps, home and back and had to use a sweep up to see them, but they quickly reappeared and I don't want them to go away. My screen protector is short of the bottom of the screen and it is annoying to have to slide over the bump that the screen protector makes.

    Will have to work on the camera app - new things to discover.

    BEST thing to change is the ability to use gmail with a dark background. The more black on the screen the less battery life that is being used and the easier the screen is on my eyes.

    WORST discovery is a new install of a boatload of games and other apps I don't want so I would strongly advise you to go through your apps and get rid of anything you don't want. So far I have been able to uninstall any app I didn't want.

    I hope we will have a discussion here about the new things you like and how you set them up.
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    12-24-2019 04:36 PM

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