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    I unlocked my Samsung Galaxy S2 myself following giff gaff, I wanted to use the phone abroad with another sim card,I took the phone to Turkey using a Now Mobile sim card (had the sim card for about 3 years & use it twice a year) I used to have it in a HTC Desire which I also unlocked myself. I had over £11 credit on the phone & was only using it for txts (21p) after 9 txts I couldn't send anymore, I found out that I had ran out of credit, I had 4p left,I logged on to my account & was horrified to see that my phone was 'sending' txts about every 4 seconds to my dads number (but he wasn't receiving them,only the ones I actually sent) & there were txts to another number that had Czech Republic on them but it wasn't a mobile number, I managed to get refunded on the bogus txt messages & Now mobile say there is nothing wrong with the sim card as they have tested it (how can they do this if its in my phone? And that there is something wrong with the handset......... how can I check this?
    Will factory resetting my phone help?
    I have also read that apps can cause this, I don't think I have downloaded any apps lately as I now have an S4 so don't really use the S2 now.
    Any help is appreciated.
    09-24-2014 12:31 PM

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