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    My mom has a lengthy history of abusing and neglecting her Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Apparently, she used her phone to the point it died in her hands. She thought it was in sleep mode and pressed the power button to turn it on again. It turned on, but was struggling to load with basically no battery power, and repeated the typical loading screen in a loop. She got mad, and eventually ripped the battery out of the phone. Now, every time it turns on, it redirects to a screen that says:

    Encryption Failed
    Unable to complete encryption due to interruption. Perform factory data reset (erasing all your data) before use. After resetting, try encrypting device again.

    My only option is to factory reset and my mom is upset that she has to lose everything on her phone. We have no backup data aside from saved pictures. Is there any possible way to recover from this or at least just recover the data?
    11-15-2014 11:30 PM

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