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    My Samsung S2 stopped working properly a while ago.
    First the dial screen and then the adress book screen 'broke', meaning whenever I wanted to access either of them, the phone froze.
    While trying to fix the Calendar, I noticed that my Google Account is not syncing anymore.

    Now I can not access my Google Account at all, including all accociated apps and the app store.

    After searching for solutions some people said to remove and add my Google account again. I was able to remove it, but can't add it anymore.

    After resetting the phone twice I am now able to access my dial and phone book screen again, but am still unable to add my Google Account again.

    I tried to access the Android System Recovery Screen, but the phone just turns itself back on. (I tried both: Either pressing the volume up button and the power button; and pressing the volume up / down button as well as the power button)

    What else can I do?
    Thank you for your help in advance
    01-03-2015 09:29 PM
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    Volume up/Home/Power. Clear the system cache.

    Exactly what happens when you press "Add an account"? Nothing? Yo get the list, but pressing Google does nothing? You can add the account but it doesn't actually add? We need to know what you can do, not what you can't do. ("Can't add a Google account" really doesn't tell us what's happening. It's like telling a doctor "I'm not pain-free" and expecting him to come up with a cure. "My left knee hurts" at least gives him some starting point.)
    01-03-2015 11:21 PM
  3. anon9264171's Avatar
    Thank you Rukbat for your comment.
    My apologies if I didn't state it correctly. This is my first entry in a forum.

    I did clear the system cache and did another system wipe, the problem is not resolved though.

    What I can do is to enter my gmail address and password in the log-in screen.
    Then it even starts loading and says this might take a few minutes, only to never stop loading.

    So the problem is that the log-in never is finished.

    The phone is not stopping to work, I always can hit the return or home button and try the log-in again, but with the same result again. (Screenshot below)

    Is this more helpful?
    01-04-2015 12:35 AM
  4. anon9264171's Avatar
    01-04-2015 12:39 AM

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