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    Bit of an odd one. My android phone is connected to my WIFI via DHCP with the router offering IP addreses in the range -

    The phone, according to the router has the address and the router is also showing this under devices.

    I was doing some packet sniffing on my desktop computer and noticed some activity to an address of Most odd I thought so on my desktop I did an IP scan and sae the device with the .72 address. The MAC address and network adaptor description was the same as the device .104 (i.e. my SGS2 phone).

    The 72 address does not have a DNS name like the 104 device does (which is called android-1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).

    ifconfig on the SGS2 only shows the 104 address.

    Someting fishy going on here me tinks?

    Can anyone shed some light. I am on 4.12 3.0.310Siyah-s2-v6.0b4+gm if that helps.

    The packets going too and fro are

    Netbios 137
    snmp 161
    4 packets with no protocol and a content of

    07-24-2015 09:34 AM

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