1. Carol Cook's Avatar
    I have recently unlocked a Samsung Galaxy S2 to use as my new phone but when I try to sign in to my Google Account it just comes up with the following message:
    Your username and password do not match. Please try again.
    I have tried several times but it will not open? I have also checked my Gmail account on a laptop and it is fine and is also recognising that this device is trying to access the account, which I have confirmed is me so why will it not sign in?
    This is really frustrating so can someone please help me?
    Many thanks.
    09-19-2015 11:27 AM
  2. Wakefield Morys-Carter's Avatar
    I have the same problem with a Galaxy S2. I managed to add one Google account but not the one I really want to link it to. I can sign into Google on the phone via a Web page but not add it as an account. Did you find a solution?

    Best wishes,

    05-11-2016 02:18 AM
  3. Wakefield Morys-Carter's Avatar
    Solved for me by removing two stage authentication.
    05-11-2016 02:27 AM

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