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    My S2 is running on CM 11 (kitkat). I have been using this ROM for almost 6 months without any issue but today I encountered a really persistent and annoying problem which probably is not ROM related.

    After I tried to open my poker app which I use daily the phone suddenly restarted itself. I did not know why and I did not pay much attention to it till I opened the poker game and I noticed my profile picture was not showing in this game. When I tried browsing to my gallery using the games browser I got the error their is no external storage available.

    So I exited the game and went directly through the app drawer to my Gallery app and I got the same error. I really got suspicious and so I tried to open the camera app which gives me 'unfortunately camera has stopped'.
    When I open my file browser and try to directly read SdCard0 (my internal storage) nothing appears in it. This makes me think the internal storage is not mounted at boot so I rebooted in recovery mode.
    While in CWM recovery I head into the storage section and tried mounting storage/sdcard0 I was returned with an error. It says 'mounting error'.

    Since there is no more info given I assume my internal storage partition got corrupted or damaged because of an unknown reason since I was just trying to start my poker game app when the phone suddenly rebooted. The problem is that it contains about 50 photos which I would like to move to my Google Drive. I do this at the end of every month so now I still have photos on my internal storage since my last backup and which I hopefully can still recover by repairing the partition so I can mount it again and backup those photos.

    The problem is, how to repair or recover a partition that has become corrupted or broken without wiping the files that are still on it? Anyone has an idea?


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    10-20-2015 12:54 PM

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