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    My Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100) was hacked about two ago (or alternatively it could be a very aggressive virus), and it has stayed hacked/infected ever since - even though I have: factory-reset it, factory-reset it AFTER encrypting it, then rooted it, switched kernels, switched between many custom ROMs, wiped everything in the recovery menu(s) many times + I tried lots of other stuff.

    But the "virus"/hacker stays.

    What it does is: it hijacks my browsers, it hijacks APK installers (which means it adds a ton of unwanted extra app permissions, primarily the worst ones to apps that are in no way supposed to have these permissions. So it could give a game permission to phone abroad without my permisssion, to cost me money by phoning/texting without my knowledge, access to wipe my data, etc. etc. It's really outragous. Oh it also gained access of all my Gmail accounts which is why I'm thinking it's a hacker, not just a virus.

    Since my email accounts were compromised, my computer also caught the bug. BUT after having regained all my email accounts, formatted and deleted/recreated ALL partitions on my PC and installed a newer OS (basically started my PC 100% from scratch) I managed to get my PC virus/attack-free again!

    Naturally I have therefore been wondering: can I pull off the same 'maneauvre' on my Android phone? - meaning: delete EVERYTHING. Absolutely every last file: system files, user data, it all, EVERYTHING! Or even better than merely deleting files maybe deleting/recreating ALL partitions but I have no idea if it's doable...! Would I then still be able to get it running again by installing a custom ROM, fx, from the recovery menu? Do ROMs contain the sufficient system files to make the Android phone run again completely from scratch?

    To the point, I guess: can I safely delete all files/partitions on my rooted SGS2? What would be the optimal method? Any alternative advice?

    I am slightly desperate (and fairly impatient) at this point. Therefore, if anyone can offer some fresh input/assistance/advice/ideas/help, I will be very grateful. Thanks a lot in advance! :-)



    PS: It began before the phone was rooted. I only rooted it, thinking it would even the playing-field a bit, so I had a better chance of getting rid of the problem, fx, by using some of the root-only security apps on Google Play.
    11-10-2015 08:04 AM
  2. Serena Claire1's Avatar
    You'd better take your phone to the professionals. Or you could just get a new phone.
    11-22-2015 09:29 PM

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