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    When I turn on the "Always On" mode in settings the "just two watch hands" mode sputters (flashing a couple of times) on to the screen. Within a second or two the full watch screen then reappears. If I set the watch down on a flat surface, a variant of the same thing happens: the two watch hands (only) will appear for a second or two, then sputter and then the screen goes blank. If I use a digital watch face, it's the same thing except it is the numeric time values in black and white that sputter on and off. I have done a factory reset and it didn't help. If I have an app loaded up, same thing: the screen dims, the watch face sputters on then off again and the app lights back up. I called Samsung tech support and they are a complete joke. I thought that in "Always On" mode you would see just the dimmed watch hands and nothing else most when in watch mode. Help!
    11-11-2015 11:50 AM

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