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    I have a Samsung Galaxy 2.
    Yes it's old and hard from good with many security problems.
    I recently downloaded something off the internet on it and accidentally allowed it to install itself onto my phone. (Yes my fault but i would hope samsung would've tried harder to stop these things from happening)
    Now it's known as a trojan and now even with factory reset it stays on.
    I've searched man forums and all of them say throw you phone away but i've done some programming and i know if the program is in the software it can be fixed.
    I've tried factory reset and that didn't work.
    Next i tried to find and delete the program but i only allows disable and in safe mode it doesn't even come up and i've even downloaded an app, which found the app that the trojan was in but it can't uninstall it "uninstall unsuccessful"
    I even went on to check if it was an administrative app. Yes it's in there but it wasn't and isn't ticked as one.
    Now the only way i think i can reset it now is either get help and pay or it or get a usb connector and format it and reset it using a external file on my computer (mac but i have a windows i might use)
    Please tell me if you guys think this will work.
    But before that is there a way i could do the same but instead using an SD card, which i might be able to transfer the file over on the SD card then format it using the SD card without the hassle of buying a usb cable since i don't have one.
    Cheers if anyone has any ideas.
    11-18-2015 09:11 PM

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