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    Tried to find the answer here but came up empty.
    I'll be getting a smartwatch over the weekend have have it narrowed down to the S2 and the LG Urbane. I've talked to a number of in-store sales people. Not surprisingly, those who favor the Urbane dump on the S2 and those who favor the S2 note its performance. I make no judgements on who is right. That said

    The S2 can/can't run android apps T/F?
    Tizen apps won't work/interact with android apps. T/F?
    There are very few tizen apps. By extension, is there a tizen/s2 equivalent to google play store? I've found tizenstore.com but it doesn't seem user friendly.
    Tizen OS is unstable. T/F.
    S2 has many more features than the Urbane. I don't know the definition of 'many.'
    11-25-2015 01:41 PM

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