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    Guys, I am trying to help a friend who has a Samsung Galaxy S2 I727.

    I have tried many ways to factory reset and everytime I reset, the phone goes back to the a predetermined state, which is a few apps that are installed and not working, like whatsapp, viber and gold miner game.

    when I do a factory reset with format USB storage (not externally installed sdcard, but factory installed storage) from the settings, the data is back in the USB storage exactly like it was (last modified date from a folder 11/04/2015). It looks like reset is done, however the filesystem is exactly like it was before the factory reset (last modified date from a folder 11/04/2015).

    I have manually formatted USB storage using a PC, the moment I disconnect the phone from the PC and reconnect the data is back there again, same set of folders with exactly same names and sizes.

    I am not able to go bootloader, I am able to go into safe mode (Volume Down and power button).
    I am able to go into the android system recovery (volumn up and down and power buttons). I tried to factory reset from here also, it failed.

    I tried to install customer ROM, it did not work, the moment phone reboots, its back to the same 11/04/2015 state.

    I even tried to root using kingo root, that also failed, however it worked for another exactly same model phone SGS2 I727.

    I am a noob with android systems.

    Please help me with the factory reset directions. I strongly believe there is a virus in the phone that needs to be removed.
    11-26-2015 01:07 PM

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