1. Angry Hat's Avatar
    First off, I have Samsung Galaxy s2. Pretty old but it does the job. I was on some mp3 converter and a pop up showed up saying a virus infected my phone. Out of panic of not being able to leave the screen I kept clicking ok to the pop ups that kept showing up and I heard a weird beep. I closed the tab and restarted my phone, cleared my history, and downloaded malware protection. Did i fix it or make it worse?
    02-28-2017 11:57 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Never click on any pop-up. That is the actual malware. Usually is just trying to scare you into downloading their anti malware app... In any case, you can back out of the screen of that happens, if you can't, just take the battery out. That kills any nonsense. Uninstall any malware app they bullied you into getting...
    03-01-2017 03:19 AM

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