1. carsten888's Avatar
    I want to root my Samsung GT-I9105P (so I can install resurection remix).
    I rooted phones before with odin and a root script. But that script does not work on this type phone. I can't find a root-script for this phone.

    Where to download the root script for S2 plus?

    Or is there another way to install resurection remix without rooting?
    04-18-2018 06:35 AM
  2. carsten888's Avatar
    - Ensure you have enabled the USB debugging and OEM Unlock on the device (Settings > About device > Software Info > Build Number);
    I'm on 4.2.2 and can't find the usb debugging settings. All manuals are for 4.2.1 which have it in the settings menu under developer settings, but that is gone in 4.2.2.
    build number is GT-I9105P
    04-29-2018 02:23 PM
  3. carsten888's Avatar
    oke I found how to enable usb-debugging

    But oneclickroot from kingoroot also fails to root this phone. Both apk and via pc.

    I'm at a dead end with this beautifull phone...
    04-30-2018 07:53 AM

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