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    the most frustrating thing with my Samsung s20 is that something is wrong with 3rd party alarm apps. I don't know if i have to blame samsung or the latest android version for this!

    I don't like the stock app, and i would like to use another one (like Gentle alarm but it's unsupported). But here is the problem, if i use any other, there is no alarm icon on the top right of the phone! Only the stock and the google app can display an icon there...

    So far, i have tried Alarm clock Xtreme, AMdroid, Simple Alarm, The Clock, Early bird clock and Alarmy with the same results... Am I missing an option or something else?

    Any suggestions?
    10-12-2020 05:35 PM
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    I highly doubt that Samsung or Google would intentionally forbid displays in any portion of the screen. Can you imagine the time needed to sit and decide, Snapchat can have these four quadrants, Instagram these three, this alarm can only have two sectors... It's more than likely the app. There are around 500 different devices produced each year that support Android and developers have to either target a handful of devices or create something so generic that it "works" on most devices. That's taking into account screen size, screen ratio, processors and on and on and on.

    I guess my question is why is the upper right portion of the screen in particular so desirable? There's no way you could get used to a centralized display? There had to be a time before you began using the first, now unsupported app, when things were different and not to sound callus to your desires, believe me I understand loosing something you like or having to deal with change but to me the most important thing would be finding something that worked. In a sea of apps finding that one that works and isn't annoying in some other way is not always the easiest thing. Just a personal account of loss, I really liked this one SMS app and it had two features I really liked but never really gave any thought to because that was just how it was. Then I got a new device that it worked on but there were issues. Finally I gave up on the app and decided to find something that worked without the issue. I ended up loosing both of those features I really liked and had never really thought about. I didn't even know I liked them that much until they were gone. I searched and searched, installing this and that for a day, a week, whatever only to find other things in the apps I was trying I just could not live with. I finally settled on an app that worked, didn't have any of the new found annoyances but also lacked the two things I really liked about the first app. To be honest after a little over a year of being with this new app I can only remember there were two things that I missed, one of which I can't even remember what it was. The other was the automatic reply when I'm driving. That one is etched in my mind because I found a clever way to get that back.

    Text is a funny thing you can almost never guess the person's disposition when reading a comment. Sarcastic, antagonistic, humble, sincere... I'm being sincere and apathetic to your question when I say in a sea of Android users you're not likely to find another user that finds alarm placement as important as this is to you.
    10-12-2020 09:57 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    @VidJunky, I believe the OP means that they want the 3rd party alarm app to show an alarm icon on the right side of the status bar (not the homescreen), like the stock alarm app shows when an alarm is set.
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    10-13-2020 12:16 AM
  4. mustang7757's Avatar
    Those other alarm clock don't show in the status bar ? Might try samsung Good Lock app , and try the plug in module Quick star might be able to put in status bar .
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    10-13-2020 12:24 AM
  5. mustang7757's Avatar
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    10-13-2020 12:25 AM
  6. sakis-user's Avatar
    I am the OP!

    @VidJunky alarm icon IS important in 3 occasions,
    1 I'm not using IOS, for the OS to tell me where i should place what
    2 I'm used to this position
    3 it takes space of other notifications if its placed on the left
    some of them don't show a notification at all and some of them show a notification on the left.

    Google clock and samsung clock have a way, if someone knows it, or an app that knows it, please share it!
    10-17-2020 06:20 PM

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