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    I'm looking to replace my factory unlocked S9 with a used S20+. I have an almost 10 year old GUDP (Gradfauthered Unlimited Data Plan) from Verizon. Because my S9 is factory unlocked I can use my phone hotspot without it being blocked. I know that if I buy an factory unlocked S20+ this will work the same way. I wanted to know what might be the tradeoffs (if any) of someone's unlocked carrier phone (from AT&T, T Mobile, Boost, etc.) and then just flashed it to the phone I wanted.


    1. Is the phone hardware in the S20+ identical regardless of if you buy an unlocked phone from Samsung or a carrier phone from any of the carriers?

    2. If there is no difference in hardware, is there any reason not to just buy the cheapest S20+ you can find and flash it to the firmware you want?

    3. I want to be sure my Hotspot is not blocked by Verizon firmware. If I flash a Verizon phone to a Factory Unlocked firmware is there any reason the phone would know it was orginally a Verizon phone and block the hotspot from working.

    4. Has anyone tried doing this. I'm especially curious to hear from any of you who may have a Verizon GUDP who use there hotspot after flashing a verizon (or other carriers) phone.
    11-28-2020 10:22 AM
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    1. They are identical for all

    2. Yeah if you like to find the cheapest, then flash will be ok.

    3.yes Verizon to factory unlock you can do

    4. I have done flashing between all carriers and unlocked no issues .

    I'll leave a Link to register so you can communicate here as a guest account you can only post questions but can't reply

    11-28-2020 11:36 AM

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