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    For a long time battery was an underwhelming performer for Samsung devices because of all the high end stuff that was in flagship, what with WQHD+ resolution screens, extra screen real estate, high definition streaming and so on.

    Here are some of my most recent screen grabs of battery performance from full charge, and I must say I'm really impressed.

    Before if I wanted to get 16+ hours with at least 5 hours SoT, I'd have to go into at least medium power save mode with devices like my S7 and even S8+/S9+. Other wise I'd get the 5 hours of screen on time, but total usage would be way down.

    Now with better chipsets, performance tweaks, software optimization(OneUI 3 truly is great software now, and I will not rescind that statement.) I gave gone from 12 hours total with 2 hrs 30 minutes SoT on the underpowered S6 to at times almost an entire 24 hour period with over TEN hours of screen on time. Quite remarkable.

    Pretty drastic improvement over the TouchWiz days(🤮). And this is all just on the standard s20. I imagine the + and ultra are even better.

    Few years ago battery made me seriously think about dumping Samsung, but now they have improved their hardware so much and done a great job with OneUi tge past couple years that I don't think I'd ever truly dump Samsung anymore. I still wanna get a pixel 4 XL just for the pure Android experience and punctuality on software, but that's a topic for another thread .

    I would have laughed at you a few years ago if you told me I could get 18-20 hours use with 7-10 hrs SoT at the same time on a single charge on a constant basis. Of course things like dark themes and setting screen brightness to 60% help. But the biggest impacts came from the revolutionizing of OneUi and optimizing it along with the chipsets they now use.

    Only minor quibble I now have us if I let it get down to 5%, I can literally watch it go 5-4-3-2-1-0 , but the more I've learned about phones, that seems to be normal and common.

    It's really nice to be able to use your phone to full power and not have to throttle it down to get your battery through the day.
    Attached Thumbnails Seems they finally got battery performance optimized-screenshot_20210111-124204_device-care.jpg   Seems they finally got battery performance optimized-screenshot_20210107-183556_device-care.jpg   Seems they finally got battery performance optimized-screenshot_20210106-211209_device-care.jpg  
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    01-11-2021 04:44 PM
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    Awesome great battery life

    What I learned is put battery saver mode around 15% and it goes down slower
    01-11-2021 09:34 PM
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    Today's batter performance....
    01-18-2021 10:48 AM
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    I could be wrong but I think it's gradually getting better.
    01-21-2021 03:50 AM

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