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    Update below.
    I was listening to music as I cooked dinner. It was halloween. I saw kids coming to the area and called out to my wife to come help me. I was in the foyer and she was upstairs. Somehow my phone took a picture and sent an emergency text to my wife, daughters and son-in-law. I didn't have Alexia actively listening anywhere except in the basement (closed door). I use to have an ICE app but it is not on my phone now.

    Any suggestions what texted?

    Took the phone to AT&T to check for help. Pulled down the notifications and had several notices:

    "Chrome 1304.nbryb dot com
    You have VIRUSES on phone?
    (5) URGENT alterts. Click to remove all!"

    Since I already apparently have a virus I'm not going to click on the link. I ran AVG and it says I'm OK. Should I get another anti-virus software to run?
    11-01-2021 08:30 AM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    Do you have SOS enabled in settings>advanced features?Phone did emergency message to family-screenshot_20211101-204938_send-20sos-20messages.jpg
    11-01-2021 07:50 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    First, that notification is almost certainly bogus, and is trying to get you to install something that is itself malicious. The "Chrome" that it starts with is presumably telling you that Chrome is giving you that notification.

    Second, do you have any 3rd party security apps installed besides AVG? Lookout used to have a feature where if there was an unsuccessful attempt to unlock the phone, it would take a photo with the front-facing camera to record who tried to unlock it.

    Third, if you're unaware of installing any 3rd party security app, you should still look through your App Drawer for any apps you don't recognize, in case you or someone else inadvertently did install some app through a bogus scam ad (or if something got installed alongside some other app).
    11-01-2021 10:20 PM
  4. J T Peters's Avatar
    Thanks for the information. I do have SOS activated (forgot that). I finally decided the messages to me were bogus and cleared Chrome of its cashe and data. Finally I installed Kaspersky and ran another scan. Now I am going through my apps to identify those that I don't need anymore.
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    11-02-2021 06:55 AM

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