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    so here's the deal for longest times and after i went into android 12 last tues whenever i post something in camera roll in galley it comes up then a few mins later instagram folder in galley inside external storage under pictures that pic will show up before i upload it instagram app

    now after i went into android 12 4.0 last tues that afternoon i took a pic it came up on camera roll and after i click on instagram folder inside galley and went out and came back in it show that new pic from camera roll inside instagam folder in galley

    however 1 day past week while charging on phone it restarted i took a pic of something yesterday i waited a good few mins and i even click on instagram folder inside galley didn't see nothing

    this in return me going into chat they told me to clear galley anyways now it seems it broke itself when take a pic camera roll in galley it won't appear instagram folder unless i upload it to instagram app then it will appear i'm dumb founded why this is happening still not sure due to reboot after getting into android 12 or when i clear galley app yesterday

    i have few times in past clear galley app when i was on android 11 but yesterday was 1st time i did it

    you know last year when my old sd card from s7 died inside s20 phone i took it over to cell phone store but they can't repair it and they gave me new card which i did had instagram folder sd card btw

    umm when i posted new pic camera roll that pic also came up instagram folder<-after i created it before i upload i did do an experiment today i 1st copy the folder in internal storage to desktop remove all pics left instagram folder alone in storage

    took a pic camera roll i waited few mins but no new pic came up inside isntagram folder apprently i broke the magic somehow i don't know what i did

    however i guess this is what supposed to be if you delete instagram folder or just delete pics inside storage when you take a pic camera roll it will not instantlly appear in instagram folder in galley unless you upload it in app then it will appear correct

    i hope somebody will answer me and tell me what you think happen do you think due to after i went into android 12 then few days later while on charged it reboot and stop it from working or is it after i clear galley data yesterday?
    01-21-2022 04:09 PM
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    let me bump this since nobody said anything as of yet now i don't know what is going on but pretty much something is fishy with my instagram folder app inside galley seems taking long time to load up now let's keep in mind that at the time i had 784 early last tues morning i went from android 11 to android 12 1.40 in morning back on 11 that afternoon everything was fine i took 2 pics camera roll after a good few mins they came up instagram folder and i didn't have to upload instagram app for them to show up aka reverse magic so to speak

    however like i said i'm not sure what night i had my phone on charger prob weds or thurs then sorry phone automatically rebooted/restart phone now i didn't post a new pic until this past thurs now granted perhaps if i would had waited good few mins perhaps they would come up instantly i don't know

    i was fool samsung chat told me clear data again not sure that so called reverse magic stop when phone rebooted itself or after i clear data in android 12 galley like a fool

    anyways magic died so i just did took a new pic camera roll and then loaded it up instagram folder and it seems to be something is my instragam folder is very slow to load up because when i connect phone to computer went to pic i saw that new broken image and i even saw it come up my files anyways after i unhook phone to computer it just came up slowly instead me going back to instagram folder in galley few times then automatically come up

    i'm not going to do it right now maybe on sun or mon i do another experiment this time i do same thing but will leave folder empty then when do a camera roll load pic up instagram app and see if it going to take another long time to come up without me having to go click on instagram folder few times in galley in and out so to speak for that sorry pic show up

    if that don't work thing i need to figure out why sorry instagram folder in storage due to magic is dead so to speak aka reverse why it taking all of a sudden long time to show up without clicking it few times make come up

    i have already wipe system cache that didn't work and i have done that dumb clear galley app data maybe i need to clear cache in galley maybe it will make pics come up faster again not sure

    is there anybody in here that can shed any light onto what happen again at the time i thought it was due sorry phone restarted/reboot itself while on fast charger after a day of going into android 12 but now i kindof wonder if it's because i clear data in galley android 12

    i'm very dumbfounded onto what is going on why pics instagram folder in galley in internal storage under pics coming up very slow even if i have alot of pics or just few pics android 12 has really mess up my phone in a big way wished i had android 11 back meh
    01-22-2022 02:38 AM

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