1. Xxtoxicskittlexx's Avatar
    So I just came back from Bestbuy. They had all the new S20s on display. I'm in CT.

    I have a Note 10+ and I have changed my mind in pre-ordering the S20 Ultra. Yes its easier to hold. Screen is good, cameras are good but thats about it. I don't see a major major upgrade to photos comparable to the note 10+. P.S I am a photographer by trade. Yes its good to have a high pixel with the pixel binning tech but I'm not blowing up my phone photos for commercial work. lol The ultra zoom is great but lets be honest the photos aren't that sharp that Samsung is claiming. Good for everyday use but dont expect anything mind blowing. It gets super grainy at 100x.

    To the Samsung software, I don't really see anything exciting. Its the same thing as the Note 10+. So I have a feeling I would get bored fast and then really regret spending the money on this phone. The screen refresh rate isn't something that is a deal maker. Its nice, yes. but thats about it.

    On the subject of the color. Yes it will go in a case but my god that black color is a jet black and so glossy it makes it feel like a toy say comparing it to my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Worse color aesthetics on Samsung's part.

    I had everything ready to preorder the moment they open them up but I am putting this in the category of #HardPass.

    I do want to add that from an affordability perspective this is not a problem but more along the lines of 'good financial decisions'. Having money doesnt mean I'm going to just blindly spend it on sh** when there is no need.

    With that said, I highly recommend people to check it out before buying the ultra.

    I'm just going to wait for the note 20 or whatever it will be called.
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    02-20-2020 01:56 PM
  2. SuperLeakTX's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, it seems like the camera is the only thing attractive. I will enjoy my Z Flip For Now
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    02-20-2020 03:50 PM

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