06-30-2020 02:31 PM
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    I have found if you hit the space bar a few times in between the first and second words, you are able to get it to wrap the entire second word to the next line. I've had to play with it a bit to get the spacing right, but it definitely looks better.
    The main reason I raise this question about wrapping calendar events is because an earlier version of the calendar on my earlier Samsung S7 would display the event as a truncated single line in the monthly view even if the event description was longer which is what I preferred.

    If you selected the event, all the details were reflected in the event window, but the single-line display on the calendar would allow more individual events to display on the same day in the monthly view. I found that display more useful and thought maybe there was a way to customize this version to do the same.

    Even if there's no solution...I've learned a lot about posting images to the Android forum :-)
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    06-30-2020 02:31 PM
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