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    Coming from a S10+ so far it doesn't appear to be a huge difference between it to this S21. Once I got everything switched over from the old phone to the new one it's just been a matter of customizing it like my old one. Changing to Textra for messages, Swiftkey for the keyboard, etc. I did go through and delete all of the bloat Samsung apps I could find.

    Just in this first week it appears that this phone uses about 15-20% more battery in my day than the S10 plus did. I guess difference in battery size has something to do with that. But on the plus side the S21 will recharge a lot faster than the S10 did so that fast charging appears to be doing the trick right now.

    For the video camera, what is it set on by default, 1080p? I'm assuming you can record in 4k but how do you change quality?

    The other thing I've noticed it that this phone seems to be very finicky about the USB cable when connecting to my car. On the phone it will say that the connection isn't good and to try reconnecting or changing cables. It might take me two or three attempts at just plugging in and unplugging before it shows to be connected to the car. And that's the same with two different cables I've tried. The S10 never failed once at connecting to the car.

    I'm sure I will come up with some other questions later on.
    08-05-2021 04:14 PM
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    For the video resolution, just open the Camera, go to the Video app and on the top row you'll see a video size button (it should show your current resolution and frame rate); just select the one you want and done! Just remember, some features like auto-tracking or live filters might not be available for some higher resolutions/frame rates.
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    08-06-2021 11:50 AM

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