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    I have my Google play store set to manually update apps. So a few moments ago I ran a manual update. Went away came back 34 mins later and the screen was still on. ? I've attached the screen in question.
    Attached Thumbnails Screen didn't turn off after updates-screenshot_20210911-191101_google-play-store.jpg  
    09-11-2021 06:16 PM
  2. J Dubbs's Avatar
    If it was a one time problem I wouldn't worry about it... I also update my apps manually, so I know what I'm updating and I can catch a problem like that, instead of my phone acting up in the middle of the day when I need it to work.

    I've had multiple issues like that pop up after updating through the play store, but a restart almost always fixed it. I always restart twice after updating my apps, because I found some (mainly the Google app and Assistant) needed 2 restarts to work for me.
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    09-12-2021 03:02 AM
  3. frederickdawg's Avatar
    Cheers thanks. It was a one time. No worries.
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    09-12-2021 10:09 PM

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