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    Just bought a brand new S21 to replace my S10e. While playing with the camera, it became obvious the system is not using the third "zoom" camera. I put my finger over the lower lens and it is simply digital zoom of the main wide camera just like my old S10e. I thought maybe the lens is not available in video mode, but it doesn't work in photo mode either. I upgraded from the S10e to the S21 specifically for the better camera systsem, so this is really bothering me. How to fix?
    11-04-2021 02:51 AM
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    The third sensor is used for higher zoom levels and is actually the telephoto sensor. It kicks in after 10x. If you pinch to zoom you will see the point at which it crosses over to use this camera. The middle sensor is a periscope sensor and is actual zoom, not digital zoom, all the way up to 10x where it does become digital. Not sure what gave you the idea that it wasn't actual zoom but it is.

    While camera sensors are improving, Samsung just developed a 208MP sensor, most of our picture quality is from post processing done by the software. I don't want to say that the sensor doesn't matter but post processing is why Apple has gotten away with having small sensors and still having a reputation for taking nice pictures. While I cannot speak to the e series directly the S10 line in general had arguably the best sensor set of that year so it was already a beast in the camera department.

    So do you think your S10 took better pics or are you just hung up on the third camera not being used for low zoom photos? Perhaps you just are not familiar with the sensor layout so this illustration may help you understand which sensor is doing what and when... https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=...AAAAAdAAAAABAG

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    11-04-2021 04:21 AM

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