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    Occasionally, an app will send a notification that buzzes, but does not show on my screen. This means that by not showing on the screen, it adds intrusion by making me manually check the notifications bar to search for which notification exactly it was, where if it showed on the screen, I would not have to remove myself from my activity to find out what notified me.
    08-10-2022 04:19 PM
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    Check your notification settings to ensure 'pop up notifications' are allowed (it may be disabled per app). Also, make sure that the app you're using, if full screen, isn't setting restrictions for overlaying notifications. Same thing with Do Not Disturb settings.
    08-10-2022 06:41 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Try installing Nice Catch from the Galaxy Store and see if that tells you anything.

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    08-10-2022 07:22 PM
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    08-10-2022 07:33 PM

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