1. CelebrityCircus's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I just picked up an S3 off of Kijiji. It's in really good condition for the most part, besides a couple of dings and whatnot on the outer edge of the phone.

    However, I have a slight issue. Whenever I press firmly (not incredibly hard) towards the middle area of the screen, it goes unresponsive. The home button still works, but all touch features die and I can't do anything. As soon as I turn the screen off and on again, it works fine.

    It seems like an issue that I can ignore (for now) seeing as I just have to be really careful and not press down too firmly around the sensitive spot.

    Has anybody had this type of issue before? Any ideas on what it could be and how I could fix it?


    12-22-2013 11:17 PM
  2. dancing-bass's Avatar
    I'm gonna guess it's the digitizer, but I'm not a hardware pro. If it is the digitizer there are really 2 options if you can't live with it
    1) watch a bunch of videos, and then order the part and tools online, and replace it yourself. You risk damaging your phone further in the process, possibly even turning it into a paperweight. Generally this is the cheaper option, and not a bad way to go if you feel comfortable opening up your phone
    2) send the phone away for repairs. Far less risk doing it this way, but you would be without your phone until they send it back. It's also the more expensive route, but if you don't want to risk breaking your phone even more this is the way to go.

    BUT I'm not sure what it could be. If you have a electronics repair shop close by you could take it there and see if they can narrow things down for you
    12-22-2013 11:44 PM

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