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    Hello everyone, I hope there is someone out there to help me.

    I have an SG3 on Android 4.3. I use it for a lot for music. I also use Windows Media Player to sync my music to it. Recently, I've been having problems syncing. Plainly, sometimes my player won't sync some of my songs, or playlists and half of the time it won't even sync at all even though it prompted that the sync was complete. I tried restarting both my PC and my phone but to no avail. I tried using other programs like Kies and Media Monkey and I'm just out of ideas that I'm contemplating on buying a new mp3 player. I also use my phone memory and not my card memory.

    I hope someone out there has some answers for me. I'd be appreciative of any help. No advance techie jargon would be much appreciated as well. Thank you very much.
    04-12-2014 08:34 AM

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