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    Hello all;

    First off, I'm new to the Android platform and up to this date, ignorance has been bliss. But I recently started a new business and have to learn how to sync all my data between a Samsung S3 with version 4.4.2, a tablet that runs ? version and a Win8 PC.

    I prefer to do my file transfers with a PC via a USB (I've learned to hate Kies), but I can't find a good program to help me sync everything. My days are frantic and sometimes I'm in my office at a laptop, or on the road with the most convenient being my phone or in a meeting where the most convenient is the tablet. I'm looking for a good daily diary, "to do" app, reminder app and something that would make all the data put into all the apps conveniently transferable to one or the other. I'd also like to safely and reliably be able to save and view all my text messages (SMS and MMS) along with any attachments that were in a message.

    How and what program(s) would I use to help sync all my data across the different platforms? Any help and advice would be gladly welcomed and greatly appreciated.
    06-30-2014 09:51 PM

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