1. tim_d's Avatar
    Using a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. I'm having this problem everytime I try to change my notification settings on Twitter. Whenever I click the notifications button, it crashes. I have 3 accounts linked to my phone and this problem only happens on one of the accounts, but it happens every single time (it was happening on the other accounts before, but not anymore for some unknown reason).

    I've tried uninstall/reinstall, cleared app data and cache and signed out/deleted account and readded to my phone, and still the same thing happens.

    So when I go into the settings menu and click "Notifications (Notifications are ON)", it immediately crashes to the "Unfortunately, Twitter has stopped" error message. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

    06-04-2014 02:41 PM
  2. PDGA's Avatar
    Same problem here. Been this way for over a week. Not only can I not access the notifications without Twitter crashing, but the notifications I had set previously were all changed. That's why I went in to change the notification settings in the first place.

    I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (SAMSUNG-SM-N900A) on Android 4.4.2.
    Native Twitter app.

    Thank you.
    06-11-2014 02:09 PM

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