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    Good afternoon, i got a couple issues with my rooted s3 mini:

    1) Some of my downloaded pics won't display when transferred to a pc(win8 says they're "damaged, corrupted or too large"), but they display fine on my phone(note: i've tried different data cables, it's all the same)

    2)after stopping a forced download(from alibaba of all the places), my stock browser won't download anything anymore (says "starting download" but nothing happens) and for some reason my downloads have been cleared(files are still there)(note: while i got both firefox and dolphin(which can download files), i personally found the stock browser to be leagues better than both).

    3) since i'm rooted, how do i stop the phone from nagging me to update firmware?(OS ver: 4.12)
    06-29-2014 04:08 PM

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