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    Using Windows 8.1 Calendar app synched with gmail account to SamSung Galaxy 3 mini using S Planner.
    When adding an appointment in Windows app for an "ALL DAY" appointment and save it to Wed July 16 2014.
    It shows up on the Windows 8.1 calendar app in a white block at the start of the day as an ALL DAY appointment....

    BUT... as it synches on the SamSung Galaxy 3 mini, it synches to Tuesday July 15, 2014......... A day early!
    Can't find out how to fix this.
    Both devices have preferences that have the gmail account being synched to.
    Both devices have the same Date and Time settings with Daylight Savings time checked.
    Both use internet time.com as a time check.

    Shut down and restarted both devices are changing settings. i.e toggle setting on and off.

    The klicker is....

    If the appointment is started on the SamSung Galaxy 3 mini and then synched to the Windows 8.1 laptop app the Day for the appointment is correct.

    Some may say: Then use the Galaxy to set the appointment.
    The laptop is much easier to use and see things to avoid making mistakes.

    Anyone have a fix to this ONE DAY OFF appointment problem?
    07-16-2014 04:16 PM

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