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    Several days ago (I don't remember exactly when) I got message about firmware update, which I applied when I got to wi-fi and plugged my phone into the charger.
    Few days later, battery started to act odd (not really the battery, but its icon to be precise):
    - sometimes it says "Charged 100%" (or Charging if any other percentage) after unplugging it and the battery icon still has the "thunder"
    - No sound when plugging out
    - sometimes it returns to normal after a while, sometimes not

    I reckoned it could be related to firmware update, so I went to Settings>About device>Software update>Check for updates in order to check if there's a fix, but I got the message: "Your device has been modified. Software updates are not available."
    But what does it mean? I have never done any modifications on the device, at least that I'm aware of. I don't use odd applications, and I don't even know what is root and what does it do, so I reckon I haven't performed it.
    Was the firmware update some kind of scam?
    What can I do to fix it?

    Model number is GT-I18190N, Android 4.1.2.

    Please help...
    10-10-2014 02:51 PM
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    Hello and welcome to the forums!

    4.1.2 does appear to be the latest stock firmware available for your model http://samsung-updates.com/device/?id=GT-I8190N but it does sound like something got borked when you loaded the recent update. You could try using the Kies software to reload the firmware or you could use a tool called Odin to manually load it.

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    10-13-2014 03:55 PM
  3. mbrn2's Avatar
    Thanks for the welcome and the reply.
    Now when I check for the updates, it says that it is up to date. I no longer get the modification message. Could the problem be mechanical instead of software related?
    I still have the warranty for the device.
    10-13-2014 04:08 PM
  4. GSDer's Avatar
    I'd recommend booting into Recovery mode and clearing the system cache and performing a Factory Reset - that should take care of any squirrelly behavior. (Be sure to backup your data using the Kies software or your tools of preference first.)

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    10-17-2014 08:57 PM

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