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    Device: Samsung galaxy S3 mini, GT-I8200N, Anroid 4.2.2, external 8GB Sd card, (6.28 gb available), internal space 8 GB (4.55 GB available)

    All of the sudden I can't not update any app anymore and get the insufficient space error notice. My SD card is still almost empty (I have this phone only for a few months). Internal storage space is 4.5 GB, so plenty of space. I cleared the cache of each individual app. I did the *#9900# dump. Nothing worked. I think the problem is a 4Gb cached data file in download manager. I tried clicking clear cache. Nothing happens.
    I downloaded Ccleaner, 1tap cleaner and another cleaner (by putting the apk in dropbox, as I can't download from playstore because of the insufficient space error). One cleaner sees the 4Gb cached data file and "deletes" it, but on reopening the cleaner the dump file is back to clean. Another cleaner sees the 4GB cached data file, but says it is actually empty once I give the delete junk command.
    So my guess is, there is not really a lack of space problem, only the download manager states there is a 4Gb cache data and thus stops playstore from updating and installing. I tried to clean cache, data, force stop of the google play apps and that didn't fix it either.
    Can it be the download manager is somehow corrupt? Should i delete it and install a download manager from playstore? Would that also "delete" the cached data file of download manager? Is there a way I can access this file by es explorer? Where is it located? I tried es explorer and didn't find any large file.

    I don't know what to do anymore.
    07-16-2015 12:57 AM

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